6)Republic Day parade: Before a new dance to remember long rehearsals little sleep

India Republic Day -- Together with the Prime Minister and the Leader in the audience 14-year-old Daksh Chopra couldnt have requested a better stage to boogie on. A student of Rohinis Mount Abu school having been one of the 150 students who else performed at the Rajpath with Republic Day. Dressed in colorful attire and sporting buttocks plaits and parted hair the children put up a show representing the 10-member nations around the world of ASEAN whose commanders too were in being. We were divided into groupings and each group did some sort of dance form of one of the 10 ASEAN countries. I was from the Vietnam group and we do a fan dance. In December we researched on the dance enjoyed videos and then devised some sort of choreography said Nandini Madhukar (14). It was inside mid-December that the students older between 12 and 14 began rehearsing for the overall performance. They spent the night in school on Thursday had evening meal there got ready and also reached Rajpath at 7 am o